How I Whitewashed My Fireplace With Chalk Paint And A Spray Bottle



whitewashed fireplace

Hello friends,

As most of you all know by now we have been slowly (like sloth slow) redecorating our living room and kitchen area.

So far we have …..

Painted walls repose gray 
Blanket ladder DIY  
Floating shelves
DIY mantle  
DIY shiplap 
New decor like a $5 yard sale mirror flip and coffee table makeover (coming soon) 


And Whitewashing our tan fireplace has been on my to do a list for sometime now. But I have finally gotten around to it friends! And oh my goodness it looks so good! Every time I do a new project I just kick myself for not doing in sooner.

Anyone else do that?

Today i’m going to show just how I did it. This DIY whitewashed fireplace may have just been the easiest DIY project yet! No seriously so so simple. So I will be honest, I attempted this project a few months back.

whitewashed fireplace

I applied the white wash in one small area (upper left hand side) and I panicked. See photo above. I didn’t like it at all and decided I was not going through with it. Fast forward 2 months of looking at the 1 white brick with no luck of getting it off I was forced to complete the task. So heres how I did it.

whitewashed fireplace

what you will need

(all items can be purchased thourgh amazon prime and shipped right to your door SWEET! Simply click on each item to be directed to order if you wish)

Rustoleum Chalk Paint 

Spray bottle 


Old towel or rag 

Paint clothes/sheets something to protect your floor and walls

Painters tape 


how to

 First you need to tape off and cover anywhere you don’t want paint. This project can get messy since you are spraying chalk paint.

Once everything is taped and covered you can prepair your paint.

You need to start by filling your spray bottle up half way with chalk paint and then the rest with water. You want equal parts of chalk paint and water. It’s going to look really runny at this point but trust me its right. Give it a good swirl around to mix it all together well. Do a test spray onto your rag to see if it sprays even. If it seems to thick to spray out you may need to add a little more water. Use your own judement here.

Now your ready to start spraying.

I used an old cheap bottle I had at my house from Dollar Tree, I wouldnt recommend this. The handle kept jamming and it just sucked. However it got the job done. I’d purchase a new nicer quality sprayer so you don’t have to deal with that the whole time.


whitewashed fireplace

Your paint is going to run some when you spray and that’s ok we will fix that later. You will want to work in small areas. So spray, spray, spray until covered well.

Now take your old towel and just dab. You don’t want to wipe. DO NOT WIPE. Just dab, dab, dab until blended and you have no run marks. Now move on to another area. And you are just going to keep repeating this until you have covered your entire fireplace.

whitewashed fireplace

See I told you it was so stinkin’ simple. And I just love the way it turned out. It really gives my living room that light farmhouse look that im going for.

whitewashed fireplace

Again like I said before this has got to be the easiest one of my DIY projects yet. Unlike next weeks Make It Monday project, DIY floating shelves. Those are a little trickier but still do-able.


floating shelves

One other thing before you go…. Coming next week, Seven Days Of September Series, Where I will share with you my favorite fall crafts, foods, and decor. I am so excited to share I could just squeal!




Happy Fall Y’all 


whitewashed fireplace


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