Blanket Ladder For Only $10

farmhouse blanket ladder

Throw blankets.  My goodness, they are my weakness.


We are the type of family that has to have blankets on us anytime we sit on the couch. I have so too many throw blankets. Which means they are always thrown (hehe) around the couches, the floor, or just wherever really. The problem was we had nowhere to store all these babies! Now I know these blanket ladders have been popular for some time and I had dreamed of building one for a while but ya know life happens and we just had not taken the time to do it.

But I’m happy to say I have finally made myself one. And I’m so happy with how it turned out! I have had so many people asking where I bought it. Is that not the best compliment ever?  And did you know they are shocked when I tell them I made it myself? And then for only $10 bucks total win. So I know there are a million different post about how to do these on Pinterest. I won’t say mine is better or totally different from any other. This is just the way I decided to do mine and of course, I wanted to share with you all.

I literally made this entire thing (minus staining) by myself in 20 minutes in the living room floor. It is that easy! That is also why I don’t have a ton of pictures to share. Because it was 1. In my living room floor and  2. I was hustling to get this done during nap time.

blanket ladder

What you will need

2 – 2×4’s by 7 ft

1 – 2×3 by 6 ft

3-inch wood screws (you’ll need 16)



Wood stain – of your choice

**Optional circular saw, I usually have the guys at Home Depot cut my wood for me so that I don’t have to mess with it. But of course, you could always cut yourself if you prefer**





Cut the pieces to length or have them cut to length. You will need 

You will need 

2 pieces – 6′ long 2×4’s for your side pieces and

4 pieces – 18′ long 2×3’s to hang your blankets on.

2. Sand all the pieces down with medium grit sandpaper so they are smooth and have no rough edges. You don’t want anything catching your pretty throw blankets.

blanket ladder3.  Screw everything together. This part is so simple. I laid everything out (like above) to see how far apart I wanted my “steps” to be. I decided on 14 inches apart. So you will need to measure along the inside of your 2×4’s and mark 14 inches on each side. I started 14 inches from the top and worked my way down.  You will have a larger gap at the bottom of your ladder to give the blankets plenty of room to hang.

Now screw in each step where you marked 14 inches. Be sure to keep everything straight so that you don’t have a crooked uneven ladder.  We wouldn’t want that!

4. Time to stain. I decided to go with MINWAX wood finish JACOBEAN. This is also the stain I have used on my floating shelves and mantle so everything will tie together in my living room (those post coming soon)

blanket ladder

I like to use a men’s sock to apply my stain. We have found it works best and leaves it with a perfectly smooth finish and little excess to wipe off. Once you have stained to your desired color you need to polyurethane your ladder. I use this (sorry I forgot to take a picture for you)

Here is the exact polyurethane I used for this blanket ladder 


And that’s it friends. 4 simple steps. This is a super easy project for even a very beginner DIYer. And so much more affordable than going out and purchasing one brand new.

farmhouse blanket ladder

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farmhouse blanket ladder

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