Favorite Farmhouse Finds From Amazon

If you have been reading my blog for any time at all chances are you already know I am in love with the farmhouse look. Joanna Gaines is seriously my girl crush. I just love love love her. Maybe one day I’ll be a famous fixer upper and home designer. A girl can always dream, right? But you all did you know one of my very favorite places to buy farmhouse decor was Amazon?

If you don’t know our story let me fill ya in really quick.

Back in March 2016, we purchased a foreclosed home with CASH. To get us closer to our goal of being totally debt free by age 30. This was a huge step for our family and it is the absolute best one we’ve made yet. However, the home needed some work.

Our home is nothing fancy (actually a downgrade from our previous home) it’s just a house with enough space for our family at this point in our life that we’ve made a home. Plus it was CHEAP.  We have already put in all new windows, doors, AC/ heat, trim work, bathroom vanities and sinks, kitchen sinks, carpet, and vinyl flooring. So due to all that, we still haven’t got to redo the kitchen yet but that will come with time.

I’m doing a farmhouse look throughout the whole home if you couldn’t have guessed it already. So I can’t wait to someday show you a home tour of the whole house but for now, I’m going to share you my favorite farmhouse finds from Amazon that I have purchased recently and just love. Amazon Prime is my absolute favorite! I just don’t think I could make it without it these days. First world problems right?

A few of my favorite places to buy farmhouse decor is Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Kirkland, and Amazon. You just can’t beat the convenience of Amazon Prime! You can often get some super good deals on amazon also. So I’m always shocked when people don’t realize you can get home decor on Amazon, like girl you don’t just sit and scroll endlessly through Amazon in your free time? OK guess that is only me.


OK, so enough rambling. Now I’ll get to the good stuff.  These are all my current favorite Farmhouse finds.

If you click on each picture it will direct you to that link to purchase. 


  1. Farmhouse Pillows. I’ll admit I may have too many throw pillows lying around. But I just LOVE them. Especially since I learned how to make my own insert for just a few bucks, You can find that post here.

2. Cotton Ball Stems – I have these so many places in my home. They are so perfect for the farmhouse theme.

3. Farmhouse Trash Bucket – I have this in my laundry room for lint, but it would work perfectly in a bathroom also.

4. Mason Jar Night Light – I have this little light in my kid’s bathroom for those late night trips, you wouldn’t believe the compliments I have got on just a little light.

5. Burlap Table Runner – This is such a classic piece and goes with every season so I just change up the decor on the center of my table and never really need to change my runner.

6. 3-Tier Wire Display Rack – I just love this piece I have moved it around from my kitchen to bathrooms and everywhere between. It looks perfect when decorated. This is the newer version they have come out with and is slightly different from the one I currently have.

7.  Mini Artificial Plant In Ceramic Pots – I have many of these sitting around. I just recently added them to my new floating shelves I made for our living room. So watch for that DIY post coming very soon.

8. Boxwood Wreath – Farmhouse decor or not I feel like everyone needs one of these gorgeous wreaths.

9. Galvanized decor – I’m going to share a few different things I have on this one. I just love all things galvanized right now. I’m currently using this one for herbs in my kitchen.

10. Throw Blankets – No living room is complete without 1 or 10 throw blankets. Also, you can find this super simple bladder ladder we made for under $20 here. Super simple DIY project.

That’s it for today friends, If you haven’t already check out my post on how to make your own

DIY Throw Pillows 

DIY Cotton Ball Wreath 

DIY Cotton Wreath


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  1. Great finds! I love the farmhouse look also but I am home decorating challenged. I think I need to keep checking back here for more ideas.

  2. Such great finds on Amazon! I didn’t even think to buy stuff like this on Amazon. Love the decors!

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