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 summer bucket list

Sweet summertime is here moms!

Finally, the time has come where we can sleep in (ha maybe a little). OK, maybe not but at least we don’t have to fight and fuss with the little ones to get up each morning, and bless it no more homework! I am oh so ready for summer break and I know my little ones are also. Now come July I’m sure I will be ready to send them back and have some routine in our lives. That’s another post for another time.

I came across a post recently on Facebook, ” EIGHTEEN SUMMERS: IT’S ALL WE GET “

This post really hit me hard. We all know kids just grow too fast. But sometimes when someone breaks it down to a perspective of “we only get 18” it hits you like a ton of bricks. It opens your eyes to how quick they really grow up. Then I realized I only have 9 summers left with my oldest daughter. And I could just cry. Only 9 more summers? That’s not enough time! We have not done enough. How is this even possible? I want to soak up every last moment I can with my little ones while they still want to be with me.

The last 2 summers have been pretty wild.

We had our twins, Ethan and Emma. They were newborns the summer of 2015 and simply caring for them was tough enough with having 3 other kids home full time.  Then in 2016, we had 2- 1-year-olds  and that made it difficult to get out often and do things like swimming or the movies by myself.  Now This year 2017 they are toddlers. While it will be difficult at times and there will be countless meltdowns. I’m sure of that. I’m determined to make this summer amazing!

One of our new year’s resolutions for 2017 as parents was to be more present, to really soak in and enjoy the simple things, and to do more day to day. To make each day count. We have done better than the years before but still, have been slacking a little on this. We are ready to kick this up a notch this summer. I want to make this summer the best yet! Now I am not saying we will do something amazing, fun, and elaborate every day. But we will be having some kind of fun each day!

Below I am sharing with you a free printable I created. Our Summer Bucket List.

There is just something satisfying about getting to actually check things off a list, right?


summer bucket list

here is the link for your free printable 


Every day I will be posting on my insta-story which bucket list thing we are doing that day! You can follow along here on INSTAGRAM

I’d love it if you would comment below with what your plans are for this summer!

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