DIY Throw Pillows For Under $10

You are reading that right. Throw pillows for under $10! Today I want to share with you a simple DIY project that can save you a ton of money decorating your home.

I have always loved throw pillows. They can add so much warmth to a room. But throw pillows can be pretty pricey at $20+ for just 1 pillow! For me (cheapster here) that’s a lot of money for just 1 pillow. We recently painted our living room and are changing the entire theme to a farmhouse style. Previously it was tan with teal blue accents. That meant teal blue throw pillows. Not sure why i ever thought they were cute but moving on. My old throw pillows have seen better days, they have been well-loved by my 5 kids and are just done for it. They are flat and even have a few rips in the side. Which is a bummer since I paid $20 for each of these pillows just 1 year ago!

So there is the story as to how I came up with this DIY project. One day a few weeks ago I decided the time has come to order new throw pillows. I had some cash in my ibotta account and transferred it to an amazon gift card. If you aren’t already using Ibotta you need to go here right now and sign up! I was not out a penny on these throw pillows because I’d earned money back from items I am already purchasing at the store. On amazon, I found 4 really cute farm-house pillows for just $6.99 I was so excited I got them for such a steal! So 2 days later (Amazon prime is the best) they arrived in 1 tiny box. Umm, this can’t be, right? Yea you guessed it, they were only pillow covers! Not actual pillows. Bummer. I really should have read the reviews.

So now I had 4 cute pillow covers and still no throw pillows. Fast forward a few days later, I was in the pillow aisle at Walmart buying my son a new pillow and it hit me. Why not just use a pillow? I bought 2 extra pillows and came home to try it out. Let me tell you. It worked perfectly! I can not believe I had not thought to do this before now! Below I’ll give you a step by step on how to make throw pillows with a standard pillow from Walmart and warning its super easy!


what you need

  • 1 standard firm pillow mainstay brand (Walmart) $5.88
  • pillow covers from amazon
  • scissors



Cut your pillow in half 

Use 1 half for each pillow and slide into the pillow case cover


That’s it, guys. It’s that simple. These throw pillows only took me about 10 minutes to make and they are so thick and full. If they go flat in 1 year just go buy another standard pillow and fill again. So cheap and simple. No need to ever pay $20 or more for a throw pillow again!

The black and white buffalo plaid are filled with a standard pillow and the tan plaid and number 7 are filled with a  store-bought throw pillow. Look at the difference in fullness.

Here are the links to the pillow cases I purchased from amazon.

  • Number 7 Pillow Cover

Don’t forget to sign up here with ibotta to earn cash back on all your purchases.



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