Free Cricut I Only Raise Ballers Download And Tutorial

It’s baseball yall!

Baseball season is one of our families favorite times of the year. If you have followed along you know we are a sports family. Three of my kids are involved in sports in some way which means my wardrobe consist of lots of team spirit apparel!

You all know how it is. Right? Every season they offer parent shirts and most the time we would buy them, Typically $20-$25 a shirt. Then add dads shirts and siblings and for our family that would easily cost us $100! Way too much! So this past Christmas I came across a deal from on a circuit explore cutting machine bundle for just $189.99! That’s a great price. I figured this could save our family a ton of money on shirts alone not to mention all the other fun crafts I could use it for (for example Troll’s birthday party decor coming soon). I purchased that bad boy and I have been hooked ever since.

Just a few weeks ago I made myself this shirt.

“I only raise ballers” and everyone loved it! Of course, I wanted to share it here with my blog friends so you could make this for yourself. I just love this shirt because its versatile and can be used for any sport and not just one.

The Best Machine for DIY Projects

Below I will take you through the steps on how to created your own shirt and what you will need to do it.

What you will need



    1. Here is your free download. Just click on this link and that will open the design in your Cricut design space.
    2. Now you can resize the image and change color to however you like it. This is sized for an adult size medium Raglan Tee.
    3. Once you’re ready to cut place your HTV (Heat transfer vinyl) shiny side down on your mat.
    4. You need your setting on iron on vinyl and make sure to check to box to reverse your image. 
    5. Once your design is done being cut by your machine, use scissors to cut the bottom half of your HTV vinyl off to use later. You can get 2 of these design out of 1 12×2 HTV sheet. (that’s just $1.25 for this design)
    6. Now you need to weed your image. Be careful to weed the correct area of this design since on the “BALLER” it has very thin lines around the edges.
    7. When you are done weeding its time to iron or press your design onto your shirt.
    8. Before you position your design on your shirt, you want to iron your shirt to get out all of the moisture. If you have a heat press, press for 15 seconds at 305 degrees.
    9. Center your design on your shirt. Be sure not to place your design to close to your neckline, I made this mistake on the first few I did. You want the design about 3 inches from the neckline on sizes S-M and Large and up I found 4 inches worked best. Think armpit level.
    10. Now for the fun part. If you are using an iron set on the highest heat setting (NO STEAM) and press with A BUNCH of pressure for 20 seconds. You can do this for 10 seconds then check to see if attached and 10 more and so on as needed until all edges are attached. Just be careful because you can melt off your vinyl if not careful. The key to using an iron is to apply even pressure. You don’t want to iron like you would a garment or else your design is more likely to start to peel after washing.

If you do have a heat press follow the recommended heat and time on your HTV. I use sister weed and do 15 seconds at 305 and it works perfectly.

I highly recommend a heat press to everyone. Even if you’re not doing this as a business. I used an iron for a while and I thought it did ok but there is no comparison to using a heat press. It just gives your shirts a much cleaner professional look plus it holds up so much better.

And that’s it, you guys. Super simple and you have a super cute shirt to support your little ballers in all his sporting events.

Below I will add links to everything I used in this post so if you would like to purchase for yourself you can.

Happy Spring All! Thank you for stopping by my little blog today.

If you liked this post and would like to see more free designs and tutorials let me know below and I may make this a weekly series.


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