My Secret To Keeping Baseball Pants White All Season Long

I have to start by saying it’s clearly not a mother picking out the color of baseball pants for your boy’s baseball team.Because no mother would ever pick white! It’s craziness! Let’s put solid white pants on little boys to play 16+ games in a field of dirt. Literally DIRT! Yep sounds like a good plan to drive the moms nuts.  

My boy doing what he loves most.

If you have stumbled upon this page I’m going to assume you’re a sports mom just like I am who is trying to find a way to get those white baseball pants clean! We have played baseball for 6 years now between our 5 kids. Every single season we have had white baseball pants.

I have scrubbed those things more times than I could count. Soaked them, pressured washed them, bleached them, I have even just bought new pants to avoid the hassle. I thought I had tried it all. Until one day last season, another mom on my son’s baseball team shared with me her secret before a big tournament.


White Bright. What’s this stuff you speak of? This momma swore to buy it. I’d never even heard of such before. I went straight to Walmart that night. I just had to try this stuff she spoke so highly about. Sure enough, White Bright was right there on the bottom shelf in the laundry section. How had I never even noticed it before? The secret was right in front of my eyes all these years.

 I snapped this picture before washing them. (long before my blogging days)

I honestly didn’t think I’d have some great after but I wanted a picture to compare where the deep stains were.


These were taken straight off after the game. NO SOAKING, NO SCRUBBING.

I put them right into the washing machine with the White Bright (follow instructions on the label) and after just one wash…..

TADAHHH! It was like magic before my eyes. Ok, I know a tad dramatic but my goodness I couldn’t believe I’d been missing this all these years.

So naturally, as baseball season approaches, I knew I had to share it with all my blog friends. If I didn’t know about it maybe you don’t either and this will help you save some time and sanity.  I now use this stuff religiously every week.

So I hope this helps you moms out this summer.  Please comment below with any questions.


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