5 Items Every Craft Lover And DIYer Needs To Have

March is National Craft Month. Yay! If you know me, you know I live and breathe for crafting. I’m going to guess you do also since your on this page 🙂 Today I’m going to do a quick little post on the 5 Items Every Craft Lover And DIYer Has To Have

National Craft Month gives me a reason to neglect my laundry this week to do some awesome crafts and projects for the blog. EEEKKK! I’m so excited for the fun things we have planned for the month of March. Lets just so lots of pastel colors, wood, and shiplap will be involved.

But before you get started you need the right tools, right mamas? I have bought so many things over the years, some good some bad and some just outright terrible and amazing! So today I want to share with you the top 5 items I think every crafter and DIY lover must have to get by. These will also come handy over the next few weeks if you want to follow along with my upcoming projects 😉

5 Items Every Craft Lover Has To Have


Cricut Explore Air– Now I know this is a little pricey but really it takes crafting to a whole new level. I got one of these bad boys last year and I really do not think I could make it without it (dramatic much) but seriously you can do so much with it!  is just an amazing little machine.

A good pair of scissor – if your anything like me you can never find scissors when you need them! so frustrating! I know have a pair of  Scotch Multi-Purpose Scissor just for my crafts that nobody in this house is able to touch but me!

Dewalt Drill – I hope you already have a good drill. But if you don’t please get one today. I love to build things,  my husband and I each have our own Dewalt Drills. Mommas, don’t be scared to get in there and use power tools.

Hot Glue Gun – let’s be real you can fix just about anything with hot glue. i probably use this thing every single day for one thing or another.

Card Stock – You should always have card stock on hand. You never know what kind of invitation, or school project you may need it for.

OK, craft lovers that’s all I have for you today. But stay tuned for all the fun crafts and projects we have planned for March!

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