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DIY Cotton Wreath

Yall, how cute is this cotton wreath I just made? I just love it. I finally saw enough of them while watching fixer upper and decided I had to have one. I’d looked at them online for a while. But you know me I can’t ever just buy something. if I think I can make it myself then I am going to. Plus they were like $50-60 online and yea ugh no. That’s just craziness.

So today I want to share with all my sweet friends this DIY cotton wreath I made. So let’s get to it.

what you need to make this cotton wreath


The first thing you want to do is take each cotton ball and kind of pull them apart. So they aren’t in a perfect ball. Then roll them around in your hands to form a ball again to give them a nice fluffy shape. Does that make sense?

You’re going to want to take your pine cones and break them apart. So you have a good size pile like this one, I used 2 large pinecones. There is no wrong way to do this. You want to have all different shapes and sizes.

DIY Cotton Wreath

Tip: Do not clean up all the mess from breaking the pinecones. you will use them later.

now you want to plug in that hot glue gun. Hehe

We are going to start to form our cotton blooms. You want to take 4 cotton balls to form one.

To do this first glue the 4 together to form a bloom like so.

( I need to try out videos because this is hard to explain) see pictures,

DIY Cotton Wreath

This is what your blooms should look like

Then you want to hot glue 4 pieces of your broken pine cone around the sides. You will want to make about 10-15 of these. Enough to fill in your wreath form.

Ok at this point I was second guessing myself. Thinking this was going to be a huge fail.

DIY Cotton ball wreath

good news

It was not!  Just keep on adding cotton balls until it looks full enough.

See how I  went back with 1 cotton ball and filled in where I needed to?  And also went back and added pine cones pieces where I felt it needed them.  I added a lot more of the bunches of 4 cotton balls after this photo was taken.

Once you feel it looks good. Take your pine cone crumbs from earlier remember?

Now sprinkle them around on the wreath to give it a more worn look.

So there you have it. Your $10 cotton ball wreath.

I am so happy with how this wreath turned out. I think it looks just as good as the ones they sale in the store for $60 bucks.

Frugal Mom WIN!


If you love this as much as I do.I’d love for you to share with your friends.

DIY Cotton Wreath


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If for some reason you feel like you can’t make this one or don’t have the desire.

You can purchase this super cute handmade one from Amazon.  Just click on the picture below.


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