Top 20 Must Have Twin Items For The First Year


My sweet boy/girl twins

oh the joy of twins

After most get over the pure shock of finding out they will soon be welcoming not one but 2 sweet bundles of joy into their family they are soon overwhelmed with the thought of just how much stuff they will need. Let me tell you it sure is overwhelming.


Oh, belly. 35 weeks pregnant with my twins.

Now I already had 3 kids. Yet remember thinking how much different it would be with 2 verse 1. Feeling like I just had to have every Baby product they made to make my life a little easier, if I was going to make it thought having these twins. I’m glad to report it’s not nearly as difficult as I had made it out to be in my head. Having twins has been so much fun. Honestly, I think having my 2nd and 3rd children just 15 months apart plus having 1 older(3, 15 months and a newborn) was much harder than the twins. Maybe it was because I had this parenting thing down a little better by then? Who knows.

I’m going, to be honest, I was really scared to have twins. So I ended up buying SO MUCH STUFF. Turns out I didn’t need the half of it. Some of it was great but much of it unnecessary.

Finally, I’m going to share with you the top 20 must have twin products. These are the things I feel we couldn’t have made it without. The baby products that truly made a different and I’d buy over and over again. They really made my life a little easier that first year.


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Top 20 must have twin items


    • Baby Trend Double Snap And Go Stroller. can not even stress enough how important it is that you buy this stroller. it is hands down the best item on the list. for the first 5 months, I used this thing almost daily. its light folds up small and is super easy to get in and out of the vehicle. I almost cried when it was time to move out of our infant seats which meant I’d have to start using our side by side.
    • Side by side double stroller. YES, you need both strollers. Trust me when you have 2 babies in infant carriers weighing about 30 lb each the last thing you want to do it have to pull out this big thing just, to run in a doctor’s appointment. This is best for after they are out of infant carriers. Don’t make the mistake I did. I read reviews about how I must have a good double stroller but still I decided to go with a cheaper version. (pictured) we used this maybe 5 times and knew it was not going to cut it. Then bought the Britax b-agile double which is amazing. I highly recommend it.

I’m going to give you 2 options here. The city mini GT double and the Britax b-agile side by side.

Here is a great post explaining the differences in each 

twin products

City Mini GT double Stroller

Britax B-agile Double Stroller

Typical family photo

  • Summer Infant Portable Play Yard
    This has been a life saver in so many ways. We took this to every baseball, wrestling, and basketball game we had. It pops up in about 2 minutes and the babies could play without being confined to the stroller. When finished it folds right up the size of a folding chair.


        • Sippy Cup Holders  I have about 10 of these bad boys. I strap them to car seats, high chairs, strollers. the last thing you want to do is be constantly picking up bottles and sippy cups from  2 babies.

      • Skip Hop Duo Twin Diaper bag A large diaper bag is must have! I started out with a regular size diaper bag but I’m telling you they just don’t cut it. What’s awesome about this diaper bag is the strap is made to fit on a side by side double stroller. How great is that? It’s a little pricey but worth it to me.

  • Auto Rock N Plays. My twins slept in these for the first 4 months. They never wanted to sleep together. These things really are perfect. We didn’t have them with my 3 bigger kids but man  I wish we would have. They would have saved up many sleepless nights.
  • Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser. If you are a formula feeding mama. this is perfect. No more spilled powder on the counter. That drives me a little crazy. You just push the button and bottle is ready in seconds. Twin moms are all about saving time where they can.
  • My Breast Friend Twin Breast Feeding Pillow. If you have chosen to breastfeed this pillow is so comfy and plenty large enough to fit both babies ar one time. I loved mine.
  • Zip Up Sleepers only. I’m not kidding just say no to buttons. the last thing you want to do is be trying to fumble and button 30 buttons at 2 am. Just no.

  • Wubbanub Pacis. My twins love their wubbanubs. They refuse any other pacis. The great thing about these is they are so hard to lose. And when babies are smaller it stays in their mouths much easier than just the regular old pacis. These are pricey but still we have purchased many and feel they are worth the cost.

  • Twingo Carrier. If you’re a momma who would rather wear your baby this is the perfect product for you. I loved to wear my twins to places that would be difficult to fit a double stroller. The best apart about these is you don’t have to wear them at the same time. The carriers can be used as 2 separate carriers or used together whichever you’d prefer.

  • Infantino Squeeze and Teether for those teething twins.

  • Blooming Baths. Perfect to give little ones a bath in the kitchen sink. They are so soft and cuddly.

  • Summer Infant Super Seat. These are great for when they are 3-4 months old. Too young to really play but still want to be able to sit up and look around.

  • Playtex Diaper Genie. Nobody likes a house that smells like poo!

  • Pello Pillows. I can’t say enough wonderful things about these pillows. They are great for ages 3-9 months. I used them most for feeding time. I’d lay Ethan and Emma in their pillows on the floor and they would hold their own bottle to eat without being able to get out of the pillow. If I would have just laid them on the floor they would roll around everywhere.    

  • Nuby’s Sure Grip Mats. We still use these every single day for feeding time. They suction right to the table. We take them everywhere we go.

  • Bandana Bibs. So you know when babies start teething and all the drool that comes with that. These amazing bandana bibs just soak up all that drool like magic. Seriously. No more drool rashes for us.

  • Buggy Bench. Must have for quick grocery store trips.

So there you have it. My Top 20 twin items for the first year. If you enjoyed this post share and follow me to never miss a thing.


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  1. This is so so helpful, not even just for twin mamas!! I honestly can’t imagine how overwhelming it must be to find out you’re expecting twins, but oh so much love!! My son lovvvved the rock n play, but there were SO many times I told my husband “I wish this was automatic” hahaha, and now it is!! Ahh, how cool! Thanks for sharing <3

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