13 Best Toddler Products To Make Mom’s Life Easier

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   If you have toddlers you know just how much energy those little guys have. Toddlers are a none stop ball of fire. I have 5 children and I will tell you the toddler age  is the hardest age. In many ways the most fun age but so HARD! Toddlers are so cute, they are learning how to talk, play, and be independent but goodness they think they are grown, They want to do it all themselves and think they can. You  try to teach them no but it’s hard for them to grasp at the younger ages. So in the middle of the restaurant when you say no don’t throw your sippy down for fun and your toddler breaks down screaming historically and the whole restaurant stares, what are you to do? ( I have been here a time or two, or 50) You keep your cool and take them outside to calm them because they are just overwhelmed by all the thoughts racing in their little brains and bless their heart they can’t always help it. In the meantime, mamma is a little embarrassed. We have all been there. The key is to have these items to make your life easier, plan accordingly to minimize the breakdown but they will happen moms.


 I have bought so many toddler products over the span of 9 years and 5 kids. Some are great but some are not. I want to make this list to share with you the BEST products I have found that are worth their weight in gold. I’m taking out all the guess worth for you  to make your life a little easier.


Gerber Graduates Fun Grip Hard Spout Sippy Cups

I have used many sippy cups through the years with my 5 kids and Gerber Graduates are the only ones that have never failed me. Time and time again we’ve come back to these simple sippy cups. They are easy to clean with 1 stopper and never leak. They were  all my kid’s favorite sips cups.

Nuby’s Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate

This plate is a real Miracle. They didn’t have these with my oldest 3 kids so when I found these with the twins I was over the moon! No, throwing the plates or bowls off the table  A mother’s dream. Nuby’s sure grip plates are perfect for mealtime at home or to take to restaurants. They stick right to the table. I was a skeptic at first, will they really stick? YES, they really do! it’s amazing.

Skip Hop Zoo Little kid and Toddler Safety Harness Back Pack

Now I know many people don’t like safety harness for kids, I for one love them and let me tell you why. Moms, we only have 2 hands. When we are out at the grocery store or shopping and you have your cart, purse, and other kids it’s so easy for your toddler to take off from you in a split second.This has happened to me. In fact, they had to lock down Wal-Mart one time when my son Bentley was about 2. It was terrifying. He was hiding behind diaper boxes laughing when we found him and yea we have a good story to tell but still terrifying. I would much rather have had this cute backpack harness on him then be searching for him in the store again.


Aqueduct Faucet Extender

This Faucet Extender is perfect for a toddler to wash their hands. Who likes having to try to hold your toddler up with one knee and help them wash their hands? With this, they can it themselves with just a little help from mom.i like it in gray because it looks nicer to me but they have other color options also.

Mommy’s Helper Contoured Cushie Step Up

This step up set is perfect for the toddler’s who are learning to use the potty. My kids have never wanted to use a potty seat but wanted to sit on the big potty like their big brother and sisters. These steps are perfect a #1 Best Seller currently only $18.27 on Amazon.


Nuby’s 2 Pack Snack Keepers

Does your toddler love snacks on the go? In the car, the store, and playroom? You need these cute little Nuby’s snack keepers that keep those snacks in the container instead of on the floor! These are my favorite and they have held u for years and through many kids.



Wee Sprout Reusable Food Pouches

Reusable food pouches are an amazing way to save mom money. They are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, and durable. The ONLY reusable food pouch backed by a 1-year, hassle-free guarantee. They are perfect for apple sauce or yogurt which my toddlers love. We use these every single day!


Munchkin Door Knob Covers

Recently my twin toddler’s learned how to open the door knobs. I had been dreading this day. Up to this point, we could just close all the doors and not have to worry about them getting into anything they weren’t supposed to. Munchin Knob Covers saved my sanity. They are simple to install and easy enough for my bigger kids to still be able to open. We love this knob covers.

Sippy Sure The Medicine Dispensing Sippy Cup

This cup has saved me on more than one occasion. My toddler hate’s taking medicine. They scream they fight they spit it out it’s a big ordeal. I would try mixing it their drink but then they wouldn’t drink it all so you never knew how much medicine they were really getting. It was so frustrating until I found this cup. It dispenses the medicine as the toddler sips so you know exactly how much they have taken. Genius!

Safety First Plug’N Outlet Covers

How many of you have had toddlers pull out you cords to lamps or TVs? One it’s not safe but 2 it’s so annoying to constantly have to plug things back in. These Outlet Covers are great. They screw right into the existing outlet so you won’t make any new holes and they are simple to install and remove once finished.


Nuby Keeper Adjustable Cup Straps

I don’t know what momma came up with these but I love her. How many time have we stopped while walking through the grocery to pick up a sippy? These straps are so convenient and affordable.i have them on the high chairs, car seats, strollers, and in the diaper bag for grocery shopping.

Summer Infant Total Coverage Piddle Pad

Have you ever had your toddler have an accident in the car seat? If so you know how much of a pain it can be to take apart the car seat to wash the cover. When my kids were potty training they always seemed to fall asleep in the car and every single time they’d have an accident. I was losing my mind one accident a time. When I finally turned to amazon to find a solution. Who knew Summer Infant made these awesome seat covers that fit right into your car seat? They are a true life saver people! The best part, they are not only good for wetting accidents but for any kind of spill and to catch-all those crumbs from when your little one snacks in the car. When they have an accident you just lift it out of the seat and throw it in the washer. Ta-da worth every single cent.

Sandwiches N’ more Toddler Utensil

Does your toddler struggle with holding his PB&J sandwich and end up with it everywhere? Mine did until I found this great little tool. It helps your little one hold the sandwich by themselves without making a mess! We love the simple tool and use it all the time.

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